Camping in Almora / Ranikhet / Nainital / Jim Corbett

2 Night / 3 Days

Package Includes:-

  • Accommodation (2 Nights in Camp)
  • B/F
  • Lunch
  • Hi-Tea
  • Dinner

Activities :-

Sr.No Activities Sr.No Activities
1 Rock Climbing 9 Rappelling
2 Trekking 10 Night Trekking
3 Treasure Hunt 11 Bird Watching
4 Born Fire 12 Tug Of War
5 Tree Climbing 13 Nights Games
6 Chess 14 Carom
7 Group Games 15 Fishing
8 Badminton

Equipment :-

It is possible to hire/buy Trekking equipment all over India from clubs and adventure Gear Manufactures. Do thoroughly check all Gear before venturing out into the mountains, i.e.

Sr.No Equipments Sr.No Equipments
1 Sleeping Bag 8 Sewing Kit
2 First-Aid Kit 9 Swiss Army Knife
3 Personal Toiletries 10 Whistle
4 Water Bottle(at least 2 liters) 11 Suns cream-with High SPF
5 Head Lamp/Torch with spare cells 12 Lip salve/Chap stick
6 Maps 13 Sunglasses with Retainers
7 Dairy/Pen/Reading Material 14 Lighter

Trekking Destination in Kumaon,Uttrakhand

Tips :-

  • Hydration
  • Clothing / Staying Warm (Cover your Head if your feet are cold gentlemen)
  • Packing a Rucksack
  • Packing yourself on a track
  • Timing Start early and arrive early is the cardinal rule of trekking.

Porters and guides :-

A Guide, or guide Cum-Cook, is important on routes that are remote, tougher and relatively less trodden, Porters with the option of ponies will come in extremely handle on longer trips, especially if you are carrying lots of provisions.

Medicals Concerns :-

If you have a previous Medical Condition does remember to carry the necessary Prescribed Medicine along with Prescription.